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Dear Customer,

You are a valued customer for gutter cleaning services. We offer an annual gutter cleaning contract. With this annual contract, we will clean your gutters one, two, three, or four times depending on your gutter needs.

  1. You don't have to call us-- you will be on our schedule
  2. We will call you the day before to let you know we're coming the next day for your gutter cleaning
  3. We will continue inspecting the gutters each visit for any possible repair
  4. The contract doesn't have any penalty if you decide to end it for any reason-- just give us a call
  5. We don't do any repairs without authorization
  6. No pre-payment required. We will mail the invoice. Payments are made in full once a year or each visit upon receiving an invoice
  7. Our technicians will knock on the door and let you know they are on your property
  8. We bring our own hoses-- all we need is an outside faucet available with water
  9. We flush gutters and downsprouts
  10. Temperature must be over 40°
  11. Nobody must be home

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